Report weekend 20-21 oktober 2018

Sander Vermeulen with a record of 4 wins.


A poor turn out of cars for the last Formula One Stock Car meeting of this season at Speedway Emmen.
With 19 cars on track there was just one goal and that was the track championship for these cars.
#47 Danny van Wamelen who races for Stockcar Team Baarlo, led the pointstabel with 43 points over female driver #332 Nathalie Wekema: Danny 250 points and Nathalie 207 points.
Heat one was a flag to flag finish for white topper #212 Sander Vermeulen with #295 Willem Zwerver at his tail but the Frisian came short of laps and took the runner up spot. Wekema and Van Wamelen were battling for third spot and the latter took over in the last lap.
Second heat of the day went also to Vermeulen as well as heat 3. In both races UK's Dutch favorit #54 Sierd de Vries chased Vermeulen but coudn't catch him.
Nathalie Wekema had to pull off with a flat tire and hopes were gone for the track championchip 2018. For the third time in his career, Van Wamelen won this championship.

#47 Danny van Wamelen Track champion 2018 with runner up #332 Nathalie Wekema. (Photo by JM3Photos)


In the final Vermeulen again had a good start and a constant drive. Van Wamelen was chasing #161 Tom Maris who had taken second spot half way. Unlucky for Danny, he had to pull off to the infield in what he thought meechanical failure. But after the race, the mechanics discovered that there wasn't anything wrong. Maris was fighting to close the gap with Vermeulen but ran out of laps. #86 Edwin Ploeg had a deserved third place.


The 2L Saloon Stox raced for the World of Shale championship. With a turn out in total of 28 cars, with 7 overseas drivers, all the races were won by a UK driver. Former World Champion UK306 Daniel Parker won the World of Shale race with a comfortable lead for runner up UK600 Barry Russel and third place UK128 Craig Banwell.
At Speedway Emmen only the "Oliebollenrace" remains for 2018: Saturday 22nd of December. With 2L Saloon Stock Cars and Unlimited Bangers.

This will be the 100th meeting since Speedway Emmen opened their gates in 2008.


#212 Sander Vermeulen 4 out of 4 (Photo by JM3Potos)


Results Saturday 20th October 2018

Formula 1 Stock Car
Heat 1: 212-295-47-332-67-575-64-226-345-79
Heat 2: 212-54-47-100-575-86-295-67-64-226
Heat 3: 212-54-345-47-295-67-332-575-38-161
Final: 212-161-86-575-64-332-38-100-67-345

2L Saloon Stock Car
Heat 1: UK306-300-UK350-523-UK730-339-55-UK120-868-88
Heat 2: UK306-UK120-UK128-UK730-UK600-321-523-16-UK19-153
Heat 3: UK730-UK600-321-UK350-UK306-UK120-32-523-8-55
Final: UK600-UK120-UK730-16-32-UK128-8-55-387-307


Results Sunday 21st October 2018


2L Saloon Stock Car
World of Shale: UK306-UK600-UK128-321-16-303-UK350-32-868-153
All Comers 1: UK730-321-UK350-523-55-16-UK128-UK306-32-307
All Comers 2: UK120-UK730-UK306-16-32-UK350-UK19-321-55-NOF


UK306 Daniel Parker wins the World of Shale titel 2018 (Photo by JM3photos)

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